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Thursday, 31 December 2009

< car crashed end of 2009 eve 2010 >

on our way back from Tutong to Bandar ada keta accident di hiway. poor guy =( syg keta Mitsubishi baru g tu and worse of the worst, its new year's eve!, i don't know how to describe the condition of the car but it was tepusing about 75 degree kali (nda plang menyukat td tu a hehe), lips or apa kh tu namanya betaur atas jalan raya, picak memicak jgn lagi dcakap. so i grabbed a camera and took a snapshot (considering the poor lighting, car accelerating, spontaneous plus gagas) as a result, picture below menjadi saksi.

to all drivers out there, HATI2, JANTUNG2 & be CAREFUL driving atu. pebaik tah gagas, jangan limpas limit km/h, utamakan tah jua kslamatan and jangan luan iski kalau be convoy. takut2 tesilap. hope we can learn from the incident, bjaga2 sblum tjadi. hope the person is in a well condition. amin.
(dari pesanan penaja =p)

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

< Lepak-ing & "Letak Hati" >

last night was fun, lepak-ing at 538's crib. chit chat with family yg datang dari kampung (my mother's elder sister; Mak Long, Pak Long, Abang Kojek n Yashar). undeniable, Family 4261 & 538 is so bonded and love each other ;). on top of other things, the words i remember the most is "Letak Hati", quoted from abang kojek ;) hehe. its up to you to define "Letak hati" ;) explore the meaning~

*a drop of heart*

*a crown-splash-heart*

*a spill of love?*

Monday, 28 December 2009

< The New Born Blogger "The Royal`s" >

welcome to my new humble blog. i am not much of an active blogger but love to become one though. hope i manage to get it updated frequently, otherwise you know what to expect hehe. loads of moments to share with but just created a blog today so you may see more of my long and overdue posts, pictures and stuff and of course an ongoing moments ;) i love to capture moments with any cameras that i can grab. lol. so here you go, have fun!