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Friday, 31 December 2010

< round the clock >

tough day today? (30.12.2010) probably. but hey, rough tough were traded with fun joy XD. simple post for today (maybe la.. mana tau ter 'nyanyah haha)

second day at work after a very super long cuti mandatory plus training. anyway, went to mipr, waited for the secretary almost 45 minutes (T_T). cut long story short, managed to get the document signed. on my way out..
assuming mipr got visitors. so macam si banar tah jua menyambut mie ane hehe pasal inda belaku keluar haha

around 2.15pm rush back home, half kepisan membubut masa because my appointment was at 3pm! 

 off to the dental clinic

oh and again i patiently waited for the doctor T_T just imagine my appointment was at 3pm, yeap.. i was on time, but the doctor was not in, out for lunch *miyana kan tu.. bukan appointment tu hahaha* he told mie to go jalan2 ronda2 the kadais. so i did. snap some pictures heh heh heh the usual ladyrazzo XD

*fyi, the doctor finally came in at 4.38pm =X*

familiar with the buildings?

went on jalan batis inda ada tujuan sbenarnya. and i saw a book store! perfect XD so.. ended up buying this for myself..
Jude Deveraux "Someone to Love"
books, perfumes, shoes... heaven hahah! =X syyhhh!~

3pm until 7.30pm of my time was devoted to the dental clinic (-_-)'> 

D245 got a text from 538 cuzzie, bawa jalan. 8.30pm chow~
family 538 XD *cuzzie drives.. mie? rilek guyang batis dalam kerita XD*

 di mana jua lagi tampat paling ampir selain dari ......... The Mall. the only option bah. i tweeted Gadong was packed. but we managed to squeeze in..

nothing much can be done.. kalau aher bejalan ane. so the cuzzies and sisters kBox-ing saja... XD (atu pun sipi2 lagi kan tutup at 9.45pm. it was around 9.30pm.. lagu pun dua buah jua ganya dapat heheh jadi tah daripada nothing at all)

and makan ayam penyet sambal padas tahap begaru kepala.. XD


additional info :
bumped into Mr. Kurapak and Miss K at the Mall. didn't know that Miss K is cute! hehehe XD

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Wonka Scrumdiddlyumptious chocolate bar? #Brunei

its 1st year anniversary! XD

reminds mie of willy wonka(?) simply bought it because of the name and nice wrapping too! XD

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Monday, 27 December 2010

< 538 muddy ride >

yesterday afternoon, we went to 538's crib. for santai2 bedudun, since kluarga mak long pun masih di sana jua. we got there around 3pm and returned home around 12am tadi in the morning heheh. yeap yeap, that's right. the bond between us is very close XD. earlier, i read on D245's facebook status...

i wasn't aware about anything or what so ever, until that late afternoon.... 

 *eh brown jua bang??*

abang kalong (Family 538) appeared all of sudden dapan pintu (not really pintu dapan, because he used the back door haha! XD)

while trying to gather all the information, wondering what telah happen to abang yang all covered in mud?, so mie being the ladyrazzo, made a quick run and grabbed my baby nikon. *kunun2 mau jadi reporter plus photographer hahaha XD*

manged to snap few shots.. just believe what you see.. it tells you what telah happen... XD *to cut long story short, takut karang tesalah info hihihi* but i know abang kalong went out to help his friend's car 'kelicinan' dalam lumpur. but not his lucky day i guess.

 notice apa yang ada di atas? 
*penutup lungkang*

*really cool ride banyak modified.. awesomely done! inda ada kedangan ne*

 the keys : all same colours? brown =p

 my oh my~

the seat, nasib ja belapik
 got messy.. drips of mud?
  this side yang almost tenggalam dalam lumpur. as dalam as singan pinggang my abang.


 am not sure what you call this. but the 'lidah'? got tecabut masa proses mengeluarkan the car from the lumpur

i think he was trying to get his phone clean up. *but i did not know about that earlier, only later ka emah (his wife) bagi tau mie*

oh, here are some of the 'audiences' =p

 his eldest son, sampat lagi begambar tu XD
 abang's youngest brother pun ampit

so, time to get busy. for abang kalong pulang ganya tu haha XD because he needs to basuh keritanya. good luck! *actually.. according to his wife, baru jua lapas mbasuh kerita pagi nya*

 cuba liat yang macam pemigang jambatan san francisco ah.. sandi kepala mun tehantuk arah jack ane XD because isa the speedy gonzales been there hehe

look! belabih banar isa ah XD (his youngest and the 3rd son)

brapa tan tanah tu tebawa muleh? hihihi *exaggerating a bit*

this miniature, caught my attention XD

fully covered in mud
washed up a bit
tadaa~ finally nampak jua warna and usulnya heheh

happily posed with his covered-in-mud car!

oh and i ended up washing my white baju because tekana the splashes of it time menggambar hahaha XD but never mind, its worth it hihihihi ;) 

dot, but many dots here and there

eh wait! got one more, the most valuable item (not for mie) yang sampat di selamatkan dalam kejadian

a pack of cig & lighter


< for sale : motorcycle >

up for grabs! 
give a call to these numbers if you're interested 8763724 / 8908 548

Model : Yamaha Virgo

last posting on the motorcycle, the same owner XD

Sunday, 26 December 2010

< series of monumental happiness >

last night we had a humungous family gathering at 538's crib. Royal 4261, Family 538, Pak Long's, Pak Uda's, Pak Tam's family dari kampung and Pak Uteh the rugged uncle haha! oh too bad, pak usu n mak usu kami yang sporting inda dapat datang (-_-)

before the event, i have been jalan-ing round the clock, early morning went to second Hometown to pick up Grandma and the cousins, back to Brunei around 3pm and rushed to neighbour's engagement. then 6pm we arrived at 538's crib. we had a solat maghrib and isya bejemaah to start with, tarus mbaca yaasin and tahlil. also, menyalai ayammmsss *nom nom nom*

maghrib and isya prayer

 oops. seksi jua pak uda ane eh! -_-)'> hahaha

look at the half chicken, it's pak uda yang booking XD

 SMS-ing, checking on the social networking and ended up tetidur on the sofa! absolutely knackered.

here's some of the pictures snap by the nephews, cuzzies and D245, i was too tired to menggambar so, i let them ;)

nieces and nephews having their ayam sambil meliat cerita on a big screen tv 

fatin, aiman

hatin, pink jua lai. se set ngan bilun XD

adek n isa

amit amoi ; paling lalah di antara mereka hahah XD

aiman the batman? =p

apa di masak atu moi? =D

nurhani fatin ;)

say aaa.. hehehe isa the speedy gonzales


pictures above: anak2 pak long, pak uda, pak tam and the nephews

 ewan ; obsess with his robot =p

pictures : this is our usual hangouts, main gitar. sedia2 kan tah chord and lyrics. ahli musik family members

the tambourine nephew XD

pemain lead kami ne

my baby boy XD i call him baby boy because he is the only boy in the siblings and he is my only little brother. tapi inda jua little lagi yang tinggi basar macam penjuluk ane hihihi

 the nephews; dancing to the beat? hahaha
sporting yow~

menyubuk di sebalik tabir; part of Family 538
psst.. ka emah, we're gonna have a new baby fruit coming out soon XD

tempted to follow suit? hahah cam banar ejad ane

penyanyi n pemain gitar for lagu amoi chantek =p *gerek nya nama amoi* banar2 sudah ne sampai melimpang2 main gitar =p mau ambil feel ka bro? ;)

had a great time, apart from the singing dancing to the beat, ada jua yang masing2 dengan karenah =D

 isa on the elephant stool?

brothers wrestling?

  trying luck on the Rubik's cube?

 oh not forgetting to record every moment and cheers!

BIG LOVE to everyone *hugs*