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Saturday, 30 January 2010

< The Royal`s piece of art >

The Royal`s journal & music ;)

my slipar umah ne hahah
the distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult, so don't be afraid to make a step.

creative ah? ada lukisan hehe, took this picture di Tutong. but am not sure nama tampatnya

cheh grumpy ju eh. hahah. kucing sbalah umah hihihi

< the YUS' visits >

* Yusairy *

* Yusry *

* Yushak *

< Nadj R. >

chicken chop @ $6

Nasi Briyani @ $4 (kali jua lah. lupa udah hehe) kanyang mnkn dua urang ne hoho

papadom @ $1 5kaping hehe. its good. inda oily =)

keema (beef) nan @ $3 (oso lupa the price haha)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

< the sun the moon closed u p >

*the Sun ; picture taken at Pekan Tutong*

*the Moon ; picture taken at 4261's mansion*

< claro. clear. understood. >

the area was under construction, in order to keep or rather warn people to watch their steps, they ; the workers, i assume, put up on a simple yet extremely firm sign.
keep your eyes on the circled object

can you figure out what's written on it?
scroll down


it says . . .



so peeps, if you still tepuruk in that muddy soil, i think you just don't know how to read signs hahah. i have much respect on the guy-whoever-he-was that has made an effort to write for the warning. his sense of responsibility to the society is unquestionable *salute* ;)
i find it seriously amusing, tapi very informative and strong warning tu, kalah warning dari mana-mana yg ada and satu-satunya sign yg written in Brunei language hehe *double salute*
cubatah siapa brani? hahaha

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

< SunBows = rainbows + sun ;) >

can u spot the twin rainbows? the other rainbow is in line with the Astro dish hehe

*pictures were taken last year*

< red carPET bunnies? ;) >

Friday, 22 January 2010

< 501's visitors & time? >

NICE!! 501 visitors at 5.01 pm on 501's blog ;)

Monday, 11 January 2010

< afternoon photo shoots at UBD >

steady bro~

don't judge by the size, mun c nani mengangkat tu andang nda belaleh hihi =p

squasher a.k.a pemain squash hahaha panat =p

vintage shoot

a friend met at the photo shoot ; Mr. Thu . . .

. . and them ; Mr. Jack & Mr. Bunnato

nice to meet you all. warm greetings from The Royal`s ;)

< hot point at the Mall >

went to Hot Point Cafe & Restaurant at the Mall, 1st Floor. good services; friendly waitress, foods were not bad, drink? mmm tawar.. so we asked for sugar haha. cosy, affordable price. but they overcharged us that night. we ordered extra plain rice but they didn't serve. kehabisan nasi, heheh. confusion of foods we ordered. but they were very polite to let us know and wait. not bad though. newly opened outlet, rooms for improvement ;)



its unique. ice lemon tea @ $1.50

bubble tea $1.00 a.k.a teh tarik panya yow haha bangang kami =p

The Royal`s Seafood Fried Rice @ 3.50 and Lemon Pink $1.50

D245's butter fish @ $6.00

Mr. Counselor's wet kue tiaw seafood @ $4.80

YusNani's cantonese fried noodle beef @ $4.80

oh well, i don't think we weigh that much just after a late dinner haha! so it was safe to use the lift. lol.

< another bday surprised @ the office >

the cake was yummylicious!~ i think its an oreo cheesecake?

i would like to say my deepest thanks to my colleagues for the birthday surprised!
Ka Noorine, Ka Suzie, Qyl, Ida and my office mates.
Thank you!~ it meant the world to Mie (^_^)

< atul's farewell at Wecan Restaurant >

one of the rooms

Ms. Qyl

"Atul Effah" heheh (i call her by that name)

tom yam

glayan pakis

chicken salad (berapi yow)

err.. forgot the name, something2 fish nyonya style

butter milk chicken, nice!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

< when clock strikes midnight 05.01.2010 >

"Saeng il chuck ha hamnida"
"Maligayang Kaarawan"
"Hartelijik Gefeliciteerd"
"Happy Birthday"
"Selamat Hari Jadi"

my birthday wishes for all my friends who is celebrating the same birthday as mine today
05 January 2010,
especially for my soul-friend-the-M`s
Maqnun Wahab
(Kg. Pandan, KB)
how long we've been friends Qy? 10 years? i seriously can't remember Qy, but all i know, you are part of my life ever since ;) hope the friendship we have now will be bonded till the end of time.

my dearest Calee Tse (Holland), miss you a lot Calee. when you travel around the world, please don't forget to stop by in Brunei heheh. we miss Per too!

happy happy birthday~~ wish you all an endless happiness, floods of love in the heart, world of joy in life and and on top of other things, i heart you so muchhh (^_^)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

< whats new for 2010? >

went to Rose Photo Studio located di Tutong, to buy Nikon D3000. first visit, the shop was already closed. but Mr. Han was so kind to re open and let Mie in, unfortunately, the shop ran out of stock. so balik tangan kusung lah hehe. the next next day, i was informed ada sudah the kits! when we sampai the shop pun closed jua, but Mr. Han waited for us and finally Nikon D3000 kits (4GB + bag) was purchased ;)

The Royal`s testing2 hehe

Mr. Han ; a very friendly shop owner

Congratulations! Mr. Han

Cindy, Mr. Han's daughter. she's cute!

*pictures credit to D245*