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Thursday, 28 January 2010

< claro. clear. understood. >

the area was under construction, in order to keep or rather warn people to watch their steps, they ; the workers, i assume, put up on a simple yet extremely firm sign.
keep your eyes on the circled object

can you figure out what's written on it?
scroll down


it says . . .



so peeps, if you still tepuruk in that muddy soil, i think you just don't know how to read signs hahah. i have much respect on the guy-whoever-he-was that has made an effort to write for the warning. his sense of responsibility to the society is unquestionable *salute* ;)
i find it seriously amusing, tapi very informative and strong warning tu, kalah warning dari mana-mana yg ada and satu-satunya sign yg written in Brunei language hehe *double salute*
cubatah siapa brani? hahaha

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