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Friday, 1 January 2010

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lil sister's lovely smile

honeydews and strawberry
The Royal`s & lil sis, shop till you drop
D245; health specialist?
menyateh at SR Satay (Batu Besurat)
Satay ayam (sadang), urat n kura (yummy!)

pengiring satay haha

the satay wasn't bad at all, except yg ayam karas ckit. fyi, thats going to be our first and last visit, sal very poor service. nda friendly urang2nya, marung2 tia lagi, haish *upset*. but don't take this comments as your final judgment. mana tau malam ane saja durang stress haha. but yeah, price comes second, superb services (in any restaurants) is what we're looking for!

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