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Monday, 11 January 2010

< hot point at the Mall >

went to Hot Point Cafe & Restaurant at the Mall, 1st Floor. good services; friendly waitress, foods were not bad, drink? mmm tawar.. so we asked for sugar haha. cosy, affordable price. but they overcharged us that night. we ordered extra plain rice but they didn't serve. kehabisan nasi, heheh. confusion of foods we ordered. but they were very polite to let us know and wait. not bad though. newly opened outlet, rooms for improvement ;)



its unique. ice lemon tea @ $1.50

bubble tea $1.00 a.k.a teh tarik panya yow haha bangang kami =p

The Royal`s Seafood Fried Rice @ 3.50 and Lemon Pink $1.50

D245's butter fish @ $6.00

Mr. Counselor's wet kue tiaw seafood @ $4.80

YusNani's cantonese fried noodle beef @ $4.80

oh well, i don't think we weigh that much just after a late dinner haha! so it was safe to use the lift. lol.

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