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Sunday, 28 February 2010

< jowdong pasiie ; the reminiscences >

its been a while, since we "melawat" our tanah tumpah darah hehe, mbari watir bunyinya ah. i rather say, kampung halaman asal usul kami sounds more like it ;)

Go!broadband-ing to update my blog on the boat mengadap pantai jowdong, ahh~ scene of such domestic bliss
(inda tau lah sapa punya boat hoho, macam abandoned boat saja usulnya)

"full-time" nephew ; Muhammad Hadi Maryadi Hasmadi

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

< Negaraku Brunei Darussalam >

*credit to Mubarak Mashor*
just found it. tag by a friend of mine.
Thank you so much
Mubarak Mashor!
the picture is awesome (^_^)v
was it snapped last year? i think so ;)

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kebangsaan yg Ke 26 taun to all Bruneians out there!~
be a proud and responsible Bruneian alive hehe

Sunday, 21 February 2010

< Frankie to the vet >

brought our Frankie to vet yesterday. he was okay. compared to dulu, mengamuk kalau dibawa bejalan ke vet haha. found this pictures in one of my folder, it was taken last year.

he is always a curious cat

he shared one cage with the bunnies, nda cukup cage hehe. but its not the right thing to do.

Monday, 15 February 2010

< love, care & hurt >

our cat; Kachil
my lil bro; the "caretaker" for all our pets. paling rajin mbagi makan, mbersihkan n mbawa bemain bgalut with the pets, especially c Kachil. coz Kachil is his fave.

p.s. : tapii.. sungguhpun bakas kana gigit, masih jua maintain plucking gitar hahah steady bro!~
look what Kachil had done to my lil bro. bisai2 mbawa bemain bgalut, skali c kachil teliat his enemy (neighbour's cats) at our mansion, tarus menggigit my lil bro nda lagi mau lapas.
the deepest bites. until now, its still bangkak.
and this one too. the same hand, was bitten by one of our cat aswell, Frankie. the same story.

moral of the story :
to pets lovers out there, just be very careful. animals are always animals. when the animals feel that they're threatened, their natural instinct is to protect themselves. this was what had happened to my dear lil bro. the bites were the reaction of being threatened by the outside cats. i guess Kachil mistook my lil bro as its enemy. despite all these, we still love our cats!~ (^_^) just keep in mind when is the right time to stay away from your pets ;)

Friday, 12 February 2010

< Tanah Jambu : propellers' testing >

ready to "fly" on the water ;)

isi minyak dulu keh. krg nda bejalan hoho

i like this part. loud and powerful engine hehe

and this one too.

powered by 52 cc engine. using XL propeller

propellers available for sale

XL size propeller for 52 cc and above

propeller for 30/40 cc engine

propeller for 30/40 cc engine

on trial. three-bladed propeller

now you see...

oops! now you don't.
extreme speed, putus cable, di salami inda lagi kejumpahan cable+propeller nya hehe
dare to take the challenge?

Family 538

we managed to video the test-drive hehe, enjoy watching!~


Thursday, 4 February 2010

< joy of cuti? lol >

this is my wasiat peninggalan teaher untuk my dear colleague sblum Mie bcuti, Mrs. Rauch take care di ofis, jangan stress2, thanking you in advance and slamat menjalankan tugas hihi (^_^)

part-time kaja my dear sister while waiting for Mie to finish my work. it was already late tho. almost 6.30pm! aigoo.. tym kan cuti atu banyak tia kaja kan dbuat hehe but am enjoying myself. wukahulik (^_^)

p/s: ai sister, karing jua myself lam lukisan ah. cam kayu hahaha =p mun paham bisai

last night! mkn nasi katuk at tamu selera. pemudahan Family 4261 & Family 538.. begabuunnnggg!~ hahaha *ingat dragon ball tah apa* (^_^)v

erk.. mahal yow.. dua inggit setangah sbutul haha

Monday, 1 February 2010

< painful but beautiful >

found this picture in one of my 2009 folders. the banner caught my attention so, the usual Mie, grabbed a camera and took the picture. it was taken at Bandar Limbang. if i'm not mistaken, picture was taken before the exhibition, otherwise, i would stop by and ronda the pameran (^_^)

click the links below for some extended info :