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Monday, 15 February 2010

< love, care & hurt >

our cat; Kachil
my lil bro; the "caretaker" for all our pets. paling rajin mbagi makan, mbersihkan n mbawa bemain bgalut with the pets, especially c Kachil. coz Kachil is his fave.

p.s. : tapii.. sungguhpun bakas kana gigit, masih jua maintain plucking gitar hahah steady bro!~
look what Kachil had done to my lil bro. bisai2 mbawa bemain bgalut, skali c kachil teliat his enemy (neighbour's cats) at our mansion, tarus menggigit my lil bro nda lagi mau lapas.
the deepest bites. until now, its still bangkak.
and this one too. the same hand, was bitten by one of our cat aswell, Frankie. the same story.

moral of the story :
to pets lovers out there, just be very careful. animals are always animals. when the animals feel that they're threatened, their natural instinct is to protect themselves. this was what had happened to my dear lil bro. the bites were the reaction of being threatened by the outside cats. i guess Kachil mistook my lil bro as its enemy. despite all these, we still love our cats!~ (^_^) just keep in mind when is the right time to stay away from your pets ;)

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