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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

< sopan santun >

kepada pemuda pemudi harapan bangsa, amalkan beadab supan, behawar begalat mun bekurapak ngan urang tetua, uja peindungan, jangan luan peracak mulut atu..

sekadar untuk renungan kitane besama (^_^)v

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

< adat >

the 'pemberian' given by the relatives yang menyiram batis
from what i heard it can be usin, garan tanah, or apa saja yg seangkat2 hati pembagi hehe *correct mie if i'm wrong*

adek's basuh batis

uncle pengiran's daughter basuh batis

Friday, 26 March 2010

< hyperexcitement! >

thanks to Basz!

you made my brain goes like this!

photo from


you made Mie wanna jump like this!

photo from

Thursday, 25 March 2010

< swindle & curiousity >

photo from

aha! jangan mudah tepedaya. i received an email (actually dua kali plang ia mengantar tadi hoho) about something internet promotions kah apa. you know those kind of appealing sums of usin offered hahah. at the end of the long-winded pembuka kata, ada phone number given starting with +447.... . oh well, been receiving this kind of email zillions number of time udah, just ignored 'em. but somehow today, my curiousity level is super high up to the sky (over!) so i called to the number! and it was the same nama yang kana bagi yang menjawap my call. but he sounds macam non urang putih one. err.. i don't know aa hahah. inda jua lacis2 plang ia becakap, as i expected yang lain hoho.

salient points :
1. he asked my location. i said i am from M... hahah definitely not my tanah tumpah darah (don't be so silly to tell the truth!)
2. he asked Mie to send my personal details (no bank account required though) untuk d verify nya, p i don't know the second stage mengkali ia minta. antam saja lah labu~
3. i did ask, if the email ada unsur2 scam. of course you know apa jawapannya!
4. i asked dari mana dapat my email. uja nya, randomly picked by the system.
5. about $5 worth of credit spent
6. 2 mins 39 secs of my time wasted on the phone? nahh~
7. afterall, inda jua convincing ia becakap ah hahah! inda bagus marketing skill nya. inda membagi tepedaya lol.

so!~ moral of the story, its okay to be curious tapi jangan mudah tepedaya okay. thats it. abis menelipun udah tia mie hohoho. saja ja untuk memuaskan ati hahahahaha!
be wise and don't fall for the durian runtuh.. eh i don't like durian, i use stroberi runtuh lah bisai hahah. errr... i need to go to buy prepaid and reload! (>.<)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

< adaptation >

photo grabbed from a website *forgot the name!*

i'm used to this software. am comfortable with it. i neglected to change to the new one. NO. full stop.

photo grabbed from a website *forgot the name!*

and now, i was 'forced' to use this in the office. i don't know exactly namanya tapi i know its microsoft office 2007 . apparently, i almost like it hahah! over ah =p its been 2 weeks mbuat kaja using this. it has more features, fun and interesting (am referring to the powerpoint) despite, i got lost sometimes haha! am a fast-learner when it comes to technologies \(^_^)/

Monday, 22 March 2010

< nieces & nephew >

Murfiqah ; she is the naughty one. she understands and speaks English quite well ;)

Munirah ; she is a pemalu little girl. i heard she was awarded the best student for Mandarin! *thumbs up*

Abdul Hafiz ; ane lagi pemalu and the funniest. ia becakap bahasa mlayu standard coz he watched too much of cartoon! hahaha hilarious :)

the siblings
(Manliani & Roslan's angels)

< March wedding invitations >

it has come to the third week of March already. every week panuh with wedding invitations hehe. i was wondering banyak jua urang kawin bulan tiga ane. i thought ada something special about March, skali rupa2nya, school holiday palah hahah. no wonder. oh bdw, we received invitations even more than in the picture shown above hahah =p, will post March couples by the end of the month.

< back in one piece =p >

- photo from -

lucky i didn't get any jabs during my illness hohoho not a big fan i guess. LOL. oh well, life is beautiful~~

- photo from -

hi all!~ am back.. hehe past few days i did not update my blog. i spent my last week on the bed with Rhinorrhea (runny nose) but now recovered and back in one piece!~ and back to work as well haha ;)

i've got so many things to put up on my blog. aiyayai~ will try to upload slowly heheh, keep on visiting my dear beloved readers =D

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

< don't feel like studying? >

oh well, you can always take a short nap and let your mind be at ease for a while, just exactly what our educated Ayrel did haha. she said "don't squeeze dry your brain, do some stretching and chill out " =p

< sneezy days of mine >

- photo from icanhascheezburger -

Saturday, 13 March 2010

< west street cafe >

my saturday. just got back from bank. so headed up to the mall and dining-in at West Street Cafe at the moment. what's on the menu for breakfast? oh, it should be for lunch sudah heheh. anyway, here are some pictures - fresh from the oven haha ;) enjoy~

inside view

the menu

a glass of milo, er i shall say cup of milo? eh no?

initially wanted to eat fried noodle. but unfortunately alum ada, i guess the "kitchen-guy" has not done the grocery yet hehe. so i ordered seafood fried rice instead. i would love it IF they use fresh mixed veggies and fresh seafood (the prawns, its too obvious that it has been stuck in the fridge for quite sometime)

look at my "working-while-eating" table hehe ;)

on the bright side view, the place is comfy, peace and nice except for the lousy connection. (low and very low tia ganya, maybe arah my seat atu memang inda reach kali hehe). i've been here before, ada this one makanan we ordered but i forgot the name, not bad jua pulang. oh well, there is room for improvement though.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

< shinobu sushi >


pilih jangan nda milih hehe
*thanks to amoi for the joint-venture treat hehehe =p*

nice presentation
mouth-watering sushi
i love this. baby octopus hehe
the maguro sushi (6 rolls) not bad

guy behind the bar
main rules : elakkan pembaziran

the bill
ady reydo

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

< menyutu at 538's crib >

Been a while inda be update. gagau tangah nyaaa hehe. anyway, pictures below taken time makan soto last week at Family 538 home sweet home ;)

(Abang GD & kAdek's son)
from left : Ejad, Aiman n Isa
(Abang Kalong & Ka Emah's army)
Mateen & Ejad
familiar with the pose? . . . . . . . . .
macam sakuragi heheh. i kol him Japanese boy hehe
Yadi & Ejad
full version of my soto (meat balls, urat, chicken) haha (^_^)
okay, i know, the lamaks build up hoho p nda pa lah, sekali sekala hahaha tekarang~
with all my respect ;) he's my ngangah
sesi klas musik hoho
adeyh, walaupun marung, tapi sbanarnya baik ati ne mama, opz, i mean amit amoi nya ane heheh. should be awarded the Best Baby Sitter ;)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

< "scandalous insult" >

Borneo Bulletin dated 03 March 2010 Wednesday, Opinion column. I totally agree with "Young Patriot" . click on it to read. i've checked on the website. click on the link. you would be surprised. it is something that your eyes won't believe viewing (i have a strong feeling that all Bruneian will have the same opinion as i do). Young Patriot was making the point. Brunei flag, the Panji-Panji being printed on the Shoes, Skateboards, Dogs. Oh dear. this kind of publication from the concerned organisation should be ceased. its disgraceful!

am a proud Bruneian!

National Crest of Brunei Darussalam (Panji-Panji Brunei)

Flag of Brunei Darussalam

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

< ingat-ingat sbalum kana >

photo by Borneo Bulletin - BORNEO Bull's Eye

its on the news pals! so, be proactive, be cautious, be healthy. you only live once
make a start today, enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

< a token of appreciation >

hi dinah245
you're the first "followers".
"humongous" thanks to you!!~ (^_^)v

and to everyone - Mie gladly welcome all "The Royal`s followers" or "The Royal`s posts subscribers" in this blog ;)
or shall you have any comments, anything to say on any of the posts, just have your say ;) and to The Royal`s discreet readers. big THANKS for your support *hugs*

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

< adorable frankie >

frankie back then when he came to our home sweet home heheh ;)

frankie santai2 in my room hoho

adeyh.. he fell asleep haha

frankie being the super nosy one. trust Mie when i say he is really a nosy cat! and very curious too! will try to post his photos being nosy masa Bonda busy di dapur

bahapa kah ia main dalam beradih ane.
*photo by Ayahnda*

he's adorable!~ hoho