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Saturday, 13 March 2010

< west street cafe >

my saturday. just got back from bank. so headed up to the mall and dining-in at West Street Cafe at the moment. what's on the menu for breakfast? oh, it should be for lunch sudah heheh. anyway, here are some pictures - fresh from the oven haha ;) enjoy~

inside view

the menu

a glass of milo, er i shall say cup of milo? eh no?

initially wanted to eat fried noodle. but unfortunately alum ada, i guess the "kitchen-guy" has not done the grocery yet hehe. so i ordered seafood fried rice instead. i would love it IF they use fresh mixed veggies and fresh seafood (the prawns, its too obvious that it has been stuck in the fridge for quite sometime)

look at my "working-while-eating" table hehe ;)

on the bright side view, the place is comfy, peace and nice except for the lousy connection. (low and very low tia ganya, maybe arah my seat atu memang inda reach kali hehe). i've been here before, ada this one makanan we ordered but i forgot the name, not bad jua pulang. oh well, there is room for improvement though.

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