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Thursday, 25 March 2010

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aha! jangan mudah tepedaya. i received an email (actually dua kali plang ia mengantar tadi hoho) about something internet promotions kah apa. you know those kind of appealing sums of usin offered hahah. at the end of the long-winded pembuka kata, ada phone number given starting with +447.... . oh well, been receiving this kind of email zillions number of time udah, just ignored 'em. but somehow today, my curiousity level is super high up to the sky (over!) so i called to the number! and it was the same nama yang kana bagi yang menjawap my call. but he sounds macam non urang putih one. err.. i don't know aa hahah. inda jua lacis2 plang ia becakap, as i expected yang lain hoho.

salient points :
1. he asked my location. i said i am from M... hahah definitely not my tanah tumpah darah (don't be so silly to tell the truth!)
2. he asked Mie to send my personal details (no bank account required though) untuk d verify nya, p i don't know the second stage mengkali ia minta. antam saja lah labu~
3. i did ask, if the email ada unsur2 scam. of course you know apa jawapannya!
4. i asked dari mana dapat my email. uja nya, randomly picked by the system.
5. about $5 worth of credit spent
6. 2 mins 39 secs of my time wasted on the phone? nahh~
7. afterall, inda jua convincing ia becakap ah hahah! inda bagus marketing skill nya. inda membagi tepedaya lol.

so!~ moral of the story, its okay to be curious tapi jangan mudah tepedaya okay. thats it. abis menelipun udah tia mie hohoho. saja ja untuk memuaskan ati hahahahaha!
be wise and don't fall for the durian runtuh.. eh i don't like durian, i use stroberi runtuh lah bisai hahah. errr... i need to go to buy prepaid and reload! (>.<)

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