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Thursday, 29 April 2010

< colleagues >

the door gift
oopps! the cup cakes ter accident hehe
i think he is the company's new staff. he got the opportunity to sampaikan about the safety precautions? kira macam dalam kapal trabang, yang ada kana explain about safety before belapas (^_^)v
(kali jua lah, pelupa ne Mie ane hehe)
the ladies~ hjh jam & hjh lina
bestfriend & hjh pudi
birthday girl hehehe =p
happy birthday ka suzy!! happy belated i mean hehehe
wishing you loads of love happiness and joy all year round *hugs*

*more pictures posted in the facebook*

< sing clinic >

went to Sing Clinic, mother needs a treatment. her index finger is swollen bitten by a cat. been months but we know mother very well, she is not a go-to-clinic-when-sick kind of person. after a very firm insist *because i love her*, finally she agreed.

we shared jokes on our way to the clinic. i said "biar mama kana marah uleh duktur hihihi" and i gave her "wave thumbs up" sign (Royal 4261 ja yang tau tu haha), she laughed.

*didn't bring my dslr, so only a phone camera. will do lah aa. pebaik tah inda tarang haha*

the super-huge needle & the baby needle (for my sweet mother)
Mother was tekajut when she saw the 1st needle and said "eh! basar jua jarum nya!"
we laughed.
so the Chinese doctor said "okeh okeh don't worry aa, i use the baby punya needle. okay aa"

another view

so my mother was given an appointment next monday. i noticed the doctor set the appointment in his laptop and i said "waahh.. canggih aa doctor, masuk dalam laptop tarus" hehe
the doctor said "now aa, mesti hi tech punya. dulu2 mana ada"

we had a great laugh. the doctor is very friendly. sing clinic is where i often visit when i need a medical attention.
(formerly known as borneo clinic)

*pray the mother will recover soon.. aminnnn*

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

< day out >

us at the hot point cafe
its crispy but too dry. not much of my taste. cost about $7 or $8
bestfriend's fried rice
this is mine. its a cheesy something baked fried rice. its eeyuck towards the end haha. rice and cheese or creamy stuff, is not a good combination (am not sure if others might like it)
from hot point cafe, we went to cheezebox for a dessert!
scanning and skimming through the handouts while waiting for the order ;)
i have posted this before. its the ultimate chocolate at the cheezebox
i think its a lemon tea cold. i've forgotten the name. lol. from my point of view, not worth the money. $2.80 for a plain lemon n tea? i don't know.

those are hers ;)

Monday, 26 April 2010

< buzz sapphire >

this Buzz Sapphire watch is a souvenir of DST Group's 15th Anniversary of 2010
i owned the 630/630 ;)

note : zoom-in - you can see that "DST" is engraved on the second hand

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

< crows zero >

serizawa hiding under the log to take cover

a team. tokio and izaki, ready for attack

another team genji, serizawa and tokio (tapi tokio belot haha!)


this is tokio. sedih ya pasal kami kan bagi ia and izaki arah my auntie. that was their last 'fun' time before kami buat dalam kutak for transfer (T_T)

Sunday, 18 April 2010

< musim bunga >

just trying to get few shots on the mother's flowers hoho. its not musim bunga pulang hihi, i've got some more but gonna post it just yet. this post will be updated.

Friday, 16 April 2010

< for sale : motorcycle >

(i was updated by the owner)


own design metal-piping . untuk bagi bunyi lawa katanya hehe

all of the artworks and modifications, are creatively done by the owner! cool ah. his new bike ada airbrush-design which ia sendiri mbuat jua *salute* hehe
and the motorcycle is for SALE.
if you're seriously interested to buy
please call 8908 548


untuk tatapan mata sahaja

this one is NOT FOR SALE hehe. ia tedapat this cool-self-modified ride sudah iatah di jual nya tia yang sebuah. and the half-human reptile atu, melukis membagi kala mencat sendiri. cool!, adeyh macam promosi tepulang haha. he is very talented! indeed.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

< companion >

Lulu ; Frankie's wife, i supposed =p


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

< healthy burger >

on top of the lists! i love this burger the very the much. crispy, tender and yummy!, i do not recommend for take away, dine in is perfect hehe. because by the time you bring it home (for a very long period of time) it becomes soggy and the freshness has gone, inda tia kick hehe. click here and compare. i'm sure you will agree with my statement.
p/s : uummm.. the portion of the chicken was "merrier" on purchase but became smaller during the shots hahah! if you know what i mean (^_^)v

Friday, 9 April 2010

< spaghetti >

my home cooked spaghetti

Saturday, 3 April 2010

< shawlin >

- Muhammad Hadi Mustaqim Hasmadi -
mummy n babah nya panggil ebob, tapi Royal 4261 panggil Shawlin hehe

< upside down >

a perfect u-turn

can u see the position of the boat?
extreme speed plus the hand-made propeller used.. melayang bah boat ah! atu baru ya~

halfway sunken RC boat

berakit-rakit ka hulu benanang-nanang ketapian bang hehe

the owner to the rescue

p/s : dare to give it a try? ;)

if you wanna find more about the propellers
please click here.
or click on the "boats" tag.

< kura-kura >

can you see his tiny pointed fingers? err.. claw? hehe

this fella, seriously, likes water. ada aing menjangul kepalanya tarus hehe otherwise you wouldn't have the chance to see it pop out from the thick shell

perhaps he is going for the bunga simpur (^_^)

Friday, 2 April 2010

< march's love spells >

My colleagues+relatives
Khairul Aisyah Haji Mohd Aisa
Muhammad Fadhil Faiz Haji Abd Rahman
- 07.03.2010 -

My girlfriend
Noor Majdiyah Haji Zunaidi
Muhammad Ali Iskandar Mustapha
- 14.03.2010 -

My dear bestfriend
Haji Mohammad Ameerol Bahrynee Haji Abdul Hamid
Rosmalinah Malek
-19.03.2010 -
more pictures

My neighbour
Nurhafizah Sufri
Sudiriman Bair
- 25.03.2010 -