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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

< be smart >

at work, no matter what you do or what you are about to do, just make sure you use your brain and think smart. this is the most applicable things to do in your routines or apa2 saja lah yang patut hehe. its okay to stick to the rules but you may save time and energy if you can figure it out of doing it in a different way ;), especially during rush hour or last minute thingy. look around. see what you can do to relate them. i am emphasising on technology by the way. it makes your life easier!~ indeed.

- do things the smartest way -
- think out of the box (the manager always say this, he's the best ;) ) -
- don't simply rely on your colleagues or anyone around (seriously don't like it if people does!) you are not that stupid to figure it out on your own, are you? jangan ikut sadap mulut becakap "antah ah, inda ku tau cemana kan ne", "inda ku pandai, kau bisai tau", come on~~ urang yang di cakap tau atu pun belajar jua ia bah macam mana caranya, inda jua mengajut tau tu nyamuuuu. usaha dulu baru cakap inda tau inda pandai -
- be independent -
- never give up to learn! -
- inda tah payah angkat bakul, sendiri2 saja tau hoho -

ah! i remember, the boss twice said (so far = p), "i know you can do the magic!~" hmm.. it came to my thought, whether i should take that as a compliment or the other meaning that it may lead (>.<)

what do you think?? spill it out, please~

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