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Saturday, 3 April 2010

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- Muhammad Hadi Mustaqim Hasmadi -
mummy n babah nya panggil ebob, tapi Royal 4261 panggil Shawlin hehe


  1. Since you're into photography, I would like to get some advice on how take picture of people's face?

  2. Hi Yuz,

    thanks for your time browsing around.

    i'm a 'break the rules' kind of photographer haha. but of course, the basic shouldn't be left aside. am not quite sure if i am eligible to give advice on photography. but hey, i don't mind sharing my ideas and tips with you! =D

    from my experience, eye contact or looking off camera, extreme closed up and manual setting can give you stunning photograph. (using the prime lens could give you more) but of course other way of snapping it can be consider an art aswell. it depends on which angles you wanna shoot.

    a must know where to set the focus point also important. it depends on which part you want to set your focus. so the focused part will be much clear than the rest. e.g. set on one of the eye.

    "rule of third" is a good way of taking pictures but you can cheat on it sometimes heheh

    give your subject room to look into for portraiture can work really well too.

    lighting plays an important rule. just like the shawlin shot, day light was used efficiently. it came from the door and the use of soft background. since children is such an active subject, you may need to take series of shots.

    but for night shot, the results are often beautiful. (i'll post it soon. coz last night i tried to give some shots but not that really stunning lah. need to work more on it) but need a lot of patience and time though haha (been there =p). as you may need to use tripod, play around with the ISO, exposure composition, shutter speed, white balance.

    other than that, i think, our creativity on thinking ahead on what our subjects will look like, may 'support' any of our shots.

    hope my blabs didn't bore you heheh.
    feel free to share your thoughts ;)

    The Royal`s