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Monday, 19 April 2010

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the news just reached my ears today. it was a courageous decision and one that i admired. i must say she has taken a very bold move by giving a fact to everyone as her concrete reason to leave. simply "i just don't wanna work under her (the boss, i assume)" reason is more than enough. using a good power of observation (>.<), even a bombastic pay won't make you a happy employee. its the balance of the pay and happy working environment i shall emphasise. for some case, getting lower pay than what you should get will demotivate you eventually. i don't know, perhaps it depends on you to evaluate. (^_^)v


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  2. In actual life, it's very hard to find balance situation; unless you being so lucky to have tolerate employer. Basically, based on what I'd been through before, the more the wages, the sucker the employer and vice versa ^____^ It's better for you to leave rather than having (heart+head) aches that will make you feel uncomfortable, but make sure you got back up plan before iniating any process, such as surveying any available vacancies that related to your field of experties, or you got enough budget for surviving after the unemployment before getting nu-job. Take it slow, sista' :)

  3. hey Yuz!~~ betul betul. thank you for sharing the thoughts *kow tow* =). and your statement is absolutely true. quote "the more the wages, the sucker the employer and vice versa", (or the employee haha!)oh well, its really hard to have everything in a perfect way as we wanted it to be haha. which, i am not looking for any perfection tho. wherever we are somewhere on this earth or planet you may claim, as long as we are happy and pleased with everything, then life is awesome =D isn't it?