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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

< day out >

us at the hot point cafe
its crispy but too dry. not much of my taste. cost about $7 or $8
bestfriend's fried rice
this is mine. its a cheesy something baked fried rice. its eeyuck towards the end haha. rice and cheese or creamy stuff, is not a good combination (am not sure if others might like it)
from hot point cafe, we went to cheezebox for a dessert!
scanning and skimming through the handouts while waiting for the order ;)
i have posted this before. its the ultimate chocolate at the cheezebox
i think its a lemon tea cold. i've forgotten the name. lol. from my point of view, not worth the money. $2.80 for a plain lemon n tea? i don't know.

those are hers ;)

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