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Thursday, 29 April 2010

< sing clinic >

went to Sing Clinic, mother needs a treatment. her index finger is swollen bitten by a cat. been months but we know mother very well, she is not a go-to-clinic-when-sick kind of person. after a very firm insist *because i love her*, finally she agreed.

we shared jokes on our way to the clinic. i said "biar mama kana marah uleh duktur hihihi" and i gave her "wave thumbs up" sign (Royal 4261 ja yang tau tu haha), she laughed.

*didn't bring my dslr, so only a phone camera. will do lah aa. pebaik tah inda tarang haha*

the super-huge needle & the baby needle (for my sweet mother)
Mother was tekajut when she saw the 1st needle and said "eh! basar jua jarum nya!"
we laughed.
so the Chinese doctor said "okeh okeh don't worry aa, i use the baby punya needle. okay aa"

another view

so my mother was given an appointment next monday. i noticed the doctor set the appointment in his laptop and i said "waahh.. canggih aa doctor, masuk dalam laptop tarus" hehe
the doctor said "now aa, mesti hi tech punya. dulu2 mana ada"

we had a great laugh. the doctor is very friendly. sing clinic is where i often visit when i need a medical attention.
(formerly known as borneo clinic)

*pray the mother will recover soon.. aminnnn*

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