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Saturday, 29 May 2010

< Magstar Hair & Beauty Massage >

The interior. quite spacious though :)
looking out from inside hehe

some of the products
services offered

the lady who applied the cream onto the hair. this pretty lady, her name is Wati, she is nice and friendly :)

first time ever to do something about my hair and am excited to see the result. hope it wont turn out to be the bad hair day haha.

*fyi, am in the salon at the moment haha. oh well just got nothing to do while waiting, will upload more pictures later ;)*

Monday, 24 May 2010

< Love D245 >



is your day!

Happy Birthday dear sister D245!! happy 22nd ;)

hope your birthday this year will bring you more happiness, love and joy all year round
regardless how painful our sarcasms, how annoying our preaches, how harsh our attitudes, we Royal 4261, always love you. unconditionally, till death do us part. that's the vow. just keep that in your heart.
i may not be your all time favourite sister, i may not be the best friend to you, i may gazillions number of time had hurt your feelings, we may argue from time to time, despite all of that, i still love you, care about you and if the world has turn their back on you, you can always put your trust on me that i will always stand by your side . . .

from the bottom of my heart,
The Royal`s
*hugs & kisses*
happy birthday ming~

Thursday, 20 May 2010

< kampungku nan indah >

Hola people!~
The Royal`s is back!~ hehe (^_^)
this blog has been sunyi for quite some time heheh and i kinda miss to chit chat with my beloved friends here. okay enough of the long-winded opening. this post gonna be flooded with pictures and happy moments of my family di kampung. actually wanted to put more but then again, i am a lil bit 'rajin' to do the processing haha. plus i have tonnes of office workload which is really sad to admit.

come lets go~ am bringing you to enjoy this 'trip' (^_^)v

awal pagi beambun2 kan betulak hehe
this car is my cuz (family 538) punya yang macam keta kontrol sudah usulnya. cam transformer ada jua hehe
my sister queen ratu yang menyamal! haha =p
Mrs. Yushak with her morning bright smile ;)
ane kami about to sampai. so kami tejumpa bala tentra samut2 yg sedang kawat haha. panjaaaannnng barisan nya. so i took pictures. and of course sampat lagi kami beibun hehe. if you can see the 'tombs', my cuz said "antara mangsa yang tekorban akibat teindik samut" lol. but its not actually tombs, antah apakah tu, penanda jalan kali heheh.

ane pun kes panat di pagi ari. lapas2 mengangkat nendah, durang belakun kunun2 terrorist hahaha! the 3 people on the left kira the terrorists and the one yang paling right atu yang kunun cool is the warden =p
look at the luggage! baru jua sehari alum sampai seminggu. heavier than i weigh! lol
at rumah mak long hehe classic kan the window =D
ane arah pantaran nya
about to cross the second bridge

foot step?
sura rumah tangga haha. sorry bang! he amongst the rajin human being alive. untung urang yang kawin with my abang ane. he is single by the way.
the manja-est kid! anak bapak hihi
as you can expect, its a kampung. bekumpul2 ceta2 n bonding is still menjadi amalan compare to bandar, most of the time busy memanjang hehe

new member in the house ;)
what would be your first impression on the picture?
the siblings. eventhough jejaka tapi bkrajasama mbuat kraja rumah. cool kan ;)
bekraja dgn panuh gaya nya and ada style~ haha

this was the most happiest moment! cali ada jua hahah, we were celebrating advance birthday for D245, syahzanani lidiya n badrul (the first two pictures on top left). skali dragging ke hari ibu (bottom left), hari bapa (but the bapa-s reluctant to take picture), hari cegu di Malaysia (bottom right) and hari single-mudahan-capat-dapat-jodoh! (top right) including my self! panat and pacah. yang pentingnya smua urang sporting la time atu haha
pa usu ane cam gagas kan minum ada jua.. look at the spilled coke~ haha
emotions and telatah syazanani lidiya

time balik malam. the rain poured heavily yth banjir keta transformer haha

how's the 'trip'? do you like it? or love it?
coz we all did! we had super fun time di kampunnggg~

Monday, 10 May 2010

< the 538 horizon >


nurhani fatin

abdul matin & muhammad aiman

si kaka and her creative drawing (^_^)

si abang n si kaka belumba melukis hehe


matin and his drawing ;)


look~ unusual style of holding the pen

sweet!~ for kaka wawa katanya haha

hang out at 538's crib
played XOXO game, spelling mania and having lotsa fun with the niece n nephews n cousins
love is in the air~~

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

< full of atmosphere >

green + fresh + peaceful + exciting is the perfect equation of my kampung (^_^)ventrance to our kampung home sweet home
the name of our kampung
i'm not quite sure about this tampat. rasa2nya macam tampat masuk to the perambatan graveyard

kambing-kambing selesa makan rumput di siring "highway" haha
kids can still be seen turun bemain patang-patang
big smile on the face
inah sedang green santai hehe
the best part kalau balik kampung for my lil bro is . . . merempit! haha. he's 125z freak!
this one, sesi memupul limau; rumah mak long pak long
interior rumah mak long n pak long. classic wooden house design preserved
menyantai liat gambar nikah bang gpun
left to right : lil bro, yushak, yusairy
lovey dovey couple hehe
*pictures by D245*

i like this shot (^_^)
oh by the way, if you notice something that is not usual, its intentional. with due respect to the person, she doesn't want to be 'exposed' hehe