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Monday, 24 May 2010

< Love D245 >



is your day!

Happy Birthday dear sister D245!! happy 22nd ;)

hope your birthday this year will bring you more happiness, love and joy all year round
regardless how painful our sarcasms, how annoying our preaches, how harsh our attitudes, we Royal 4261, always love you. unconditionally, till death do us part. that's the vow. just keep that in your heart.
i may not be your all time favourite sister, i may not be the best friend to you, i may gazillions number of time had hurt your feelings, we may argue from time to time, despite all of that, i still love you, care about you and if the world has turn their back on you, you can always put your trust on me that i will always stand by your side . . .

from the bottom of my heart,
The Royal`s
*hugs & kisses*
happy birthday ming~

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