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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

< papan bepasan >

My family, Royal 4261, is used to living our life in good and funny surprises. which i believe i'm keen on it, and all of us do =)

would like to share it to the world though its not much but i can feel the love and the strong bond between us

managed to snapshot on few of our "papan bepasan" hahah or memo board that you're familiar with. Parents' room got one, one in my room, and below is the one in the living room haha

its started with a brief note. i think D245 wrote this ;)

it happened that one day i passed by and read the message. and i know its mine. so . .

this one i totaly have no idea how it "spreads". just before we balek kampung.
read : top-down-right-down

i am one who appreciates life, love my family to the last breath, treasure moments though there would be the days where i go completely insane about things. unpredictable yet harmless (LOL) kind of person (^_^)v

Jason Mraz in his song "Life is wonderful" describes how i feel about life . .

*oh my goodness, what on earth i am blabbing about.. gotta go!*

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