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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

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to start with. i was reading ProjekBrunei's website. click here and there, so it leads Mie to few websites and getting to know other people who blogged aswell. which is pretty cool. usually i'm not keen on long-winded posts, which i normally put up more pictures with few captions. so this entry will be a bit disgress from my posting concepts. (hope the espeed will not die on Mie! as it is really freakin' annoying lately. sorry, TelBru, but it really is.. *sigh*)

anyway, i am currently reading Maurina's blog hehe. i have few more on the lists. will post some updates (if it catches my attention. lol)

no harm in reading though, i believe, if you're clicking on a good website, it shall give you much information. *am half way bored sudah by writing too much haha!*

i feel like revamping my blog (which is my third attempt for the past two months, but i don't quite like it hehe so back to how it looks before). by saying that:

1. i wanna make it as simple as possible.
*a plain white layout? boring? yes? no?*

2. remove the links and etc.
*can kan? heavy heart bah rasanya hihi*

3. i noticed recently my chatbox kana spam?! astah. segala macam ada, dentist tia, selling fan kah apa tu. kalau banar i wouldn't mind tapi aneh~ (O.o)'> begaru jua kepala ulehnya. 
*thinking of to remove or tuck away saja kah?*

4. i think i possess too much of a very-stick-to-one/thing kind of character. so it's kinda hard for Mie to change anything that i am used to *everybody does?* not that i'm reluctant for a change though. will take time i must say hoho =p

anyone? help? please? my "shout out box" is just a click away though hihi

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