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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

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i was in great shocked to read the news on the Borneo Bulletin yesterday morning.  
"3 killed in horrific crash" headline caught my attention. it was on the front page of Borneo Bulletin.
i was reading the first few paragraph . . .

"Grace Tay, Jacqualine Wong, both in their 60s, and the 16-year-old died in the accident." - Borneo Bulletin, 31 August 2010

i thought to myself, *Jacqualine Wong?? no way, it cannot be her, plus she's not at her 60's yet*. i knew only one person in my life with that name, she was my ex-boss and a friend of mine too.

as i continued my reading . . .

"A source said, Jacqualine Wong was the General Manager of JJ Tours Travel. She was also the manager of Outbound Travel Department of JJ Tours. She had been working in the travel industry for over 20 years." - Borneo Bulletin, 31 August 2010

oh Lord! seriously, i felt my heart has stopped pumping the blood for few seconds at that time. with one hand holding the newspaper, the other hand wanted to make a phone call (the one and only person that popped out in my mind; my previous supervisor also a Big Brother to me, Sylvester Wong used to work in JJ Tours) but hold the thought just yet. am just too scared, what if that is not the person i thought it was.

i flipped through few pages and saw a half page of condolence message, so i couldn't  be wrong. all of sudden, vividly remember the memories of Jacqui when i was in JJ Tours. feelings of bereavement overwhelmed myself.

i was shivering with fear when i saw the picture of her car. 'cause i knew she drove a land rover...

 source; The Brunei Times

though i barely know her (only during my period of working for four months or so) i must say she was a very kind person, indeed. and our last meeting was when i visited her at JJ Tour in her office. every once in a while we had conversations on MSN. i recall. . Jacqui was. .
~ a person with a very big-kind-heart 
~ a religious person
~ a very nice, firm leader yet warm and cheerful
~ one who appreciates life

to Jacqualine Wong's family, my deepest condolences at their bereavement. hope they will be strong and Jacqui will always be loved and remembered.

p/s : you are most welcome to express your love in the 'shout out' box. big love to dear Jacqui.

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