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Saturday, 2 October 2010

< mengimbas raya zaman 60'an >

 a nice view from level 12
 welcome friends~
(DST Group 60'an Corporate Raya)

 classic set up, siap ada lampung minyak tanah (?) and butul laminit hehe
(cars, cameras, tv and etc were displayed. antique stuff. nanti upload the pictures. banyak! hehe)

 can you feel the 60's already? ;)

 urang lama ne yow~ pictures collection. i forgot from which photo studio

 Jelly Karing, one of the makan urang jaman 60'an

 good foods, good friends, mingle ;)

 one of the stalls. ane area soto hehe

 laminit. reminiscences?

 "kepala mija"

 looking at this young boy makes mie feel i'm in that era. well done!

 Indra Kencana.
ane paling tahan pukul. am to pm non stop

 plenty of foods to choose from

 gather people together

ji hoo Brunei? heheh =p (one of irama bahtera people)
nice one! keep it up (^_^)
 everyone, surely had some fun at the DST Group Corporate Raya 60'an event. thanks to all of you who came. hope you had a good time =)

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