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Monday, 15 November 2010

< "meditor meditatus" >

i may not know how to use "Meditor Meditatus" word in a correct way. but i stumbled on a web, the author explained it here. *perhaps Senor can help to give exact definition or word usage? hehe*

anyway, the origin of my thought was about .. something to ponder.

my friend, WaitSeminit, he blogged about the  "Harga Rokok Naik". its in the recent news here. for the non-smokers of course, its a bless but vice versa for them hehe sorry guys =p

 source :

 source :

what do you think? isn't it a good idea hehe. jimat bah tu.. and who knows slowly buleh kurangkan? i don't know, it is something one should do it from the heart. it may not that easy =)

Friday, 12 November 2010

< backwards day >

today, if you realised the date, its backwards 12.11.10.

i'm sure today is someone's special day. 

intentionally blog on this date too ;)

to a friend of mine,  Tom, just wanna wish you a very Happy Birthday today.

Monday, 8 November 2010

< Smarter Open Day and Charity Bazaar >

As outlined by Senor Pablo on 07 November 2010 and reverberated in the ProjekBrunei.Com ;) :

It's official now. The Smarter Open Day and Charity Bazaar will take place at the SMARTER Autism Centre in Sengkurong, just behind the Clinic on 28th November 2010, as reported in the Borneo Bulletin:
"During a press conference Smarter's vice secretary, Annisa Hj Moksin, said that this is the first time SMARTER is organising a large event. She said that the bazaar will accommodate 30 tables and the public can set up shop for a nominal fee of $50 per table. Cakes, clothes, books, food and beverages are expected to be the mainstay of the event. Coupons worth one and five dollars will be utilised to purchase items at the bazaar. The event will also showcase the art of calligraphy, hair cutting and photography services."
and Brunei Times on 6th November 2010:
"The event is aimed to raise funds for the society which continues to struggle financially just to keep the centre open.

Smarter hopes to raise some $5,000 from the event, though they admitted that this was nowhere near enough to cover their monthly overhead of $21,000, which funds their three facilities: the adult autism centre and their early intervention centers in Sengkurong and Kuala Belait.

The event is also an opportunity for the public to visit the centre and have a look at their facilities that accommodates 53 children with autistic."
Do come to the Open Day/Bazaar and support this worthy cause. SMARTER really needs your help with sponsorship and kind donation to keep the Austism Centre Open.  For those interested to rent a booth on that day, please email or call 8732046 / 8860699

Bloggers are coming up with a charity t shirt for sale during the Open Day, with proceeds to the Centre.