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Monday, 15 November 2010

< "meditor meditatus" >

i may not know how to use "Meditor Meditatus" word in a correct way. but i stumbled on a web, the author explained it here. *perhaps Senor can help to give exact definition or word usage? hehe*

anyway, the origin of my thought was about .. something to ponder.

my friend, WaitSeminit, he blogged about the  "Harga Rokok Naik". its in the recent news here. for the non-smokers of course, its a bless but vice versa for them hehe sorry guys =p

 source :

 source :

what do you think? isn't it a good idea hehe. jimat bah tu.. and who knows slowly buleh kurangkan? i don't know, it is something one should do it from the heart. it may not that easy =)


  1. There are ways to stop the smoking habit or even lessen by a lot.

    1. Try taking up a different habit or hobby to substitute the smoking habit. E.g. Chew gums, read books/magazines, exercise, etc.

    2. Strong will. Very difficult for heavy smokers but that's all what it comes down to.

    3. Keep in mind about your cash. How much are you willing to spend and how much are you willing to save per month can bring you a long way to reducing the smoking habit.

    That's all I got so far. It worked on a few friends of mine though.

  2. smoking is never good.
    :) this is a great sharing..

  3. BruneianDollar :

    thank you for sharing the tips =) i hope the smokers out there gradually reduce the habits? yeah. i hope so. it is something that can be changed, right?

    NC :

    how have you been?

    agreed. i got severe migraine *exaggeration a bit* with ciggies hehe. seriously, i don't like it hehe. but its their own choice rather. they are free to smoke (at their own risk) but make sure 50KM distance from Mie! haha =p