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Friday, 31 December 2010

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tough day today? (30.12.2010) probably. but hey, rough tough were traded with fun joy XD. simple post for today (maybe la.. mana tau ter 'nyanyah haha)

second day at work after a very super long cuti mandatory plus training. anyway, went to mipr, waited for the secretary almost 45 minutes (T_T). cut long story short, managed to get the document signed. on my way out..
assuming mipr got visitors. so macam si banar tah jua menyambut mie ane hehe pasal inda belaku keluar haha

around 2.15pm rush back home, half kepisan membubut masa because my appointment was at 3pm! 

 off to the dental clinic

oh and again i patiently waited for the doctor T_T just imagine my appointment was at 3pm, yeap.. i was on time, but the doctor was not in, out for lunch *miyana kan tu.. bukan appointment tu hahaha* he told mie to go jalan2 ronda2 the kadais. so i did. snap some pictures heh heh heh the usual ladyrazzo XD

*fyi, the doctor finally came in at 4.38pm =X*

familiar with the buildings?

went on jalan batis inda ada tujuan sbenarnya. and i saw a book store! perfect XD so.. ended up buying this for myself..
Jude Deveraux "Someone to Love"
books, perfumes, shoes... heaven hahah! =X syyhhh!~

3pm until 7.30pm of my time was devoted to the dental clinic (-_-)'> 

D245 got a text from 538 cuzzie, bawa jalan. 8.30pm chow~
family 538 XD *cuzzie drives.. mie? rilek guyang batis dalam kerita XD*

 di mana jua lagi tampat paling ampir selain dari ......... The Mall. the only option bah. i tweeted Gadong was packed. but we managed to squeeze in..

nothing much can be done.. kalau aher bejalan ane. so the cuzzies and sisters kBox-ing saja... XD (atu pun sipi2 lagi kan tutup at 9.45pm. it was around 9.30pm.. lagu pun dua buah jua ganya dapat heheh jadi tah daripada nothing at all)

and makan ayam penyet sambal padas tahap begaru kepala.. XD


additional info :
bumped into Mr. Kurapak and Miss K at the Mall. didn't know that Miss K is cute! hehehe XD

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