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Friday, 24 December 2010

< tea-time >

went to kiulap jalan-jalan with  my lil sister and brother. visited one of the shop. got stuck there for a 'little' while hahaha
and ended up with a very serious crime!

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


hahaha i know right. bought all three.. very bad.. spent unnecessarily few hundred bucks for those (+_+). oh! thank you to my sister for placing back the other two shoes. otherwise ended up buying more (-_-)'> oh, its a first time ever to buy a pink shoe for myself. anywayyy..

off we go. went to the Farmbasket Snack Bar for an afternoon tea. enjoy the pictures hihihi XD

 comfy environment, nice interior for menyantai XD

 grass jelly with milk & a cup of milo

the club sandwich. nice!

 honey butter french toast(?)

onion rings; exceeeddiinggly good!

hungry? no? hahahah yes. kan? kan? XD


  1. A pink shoes?
    Awwhh XD
    You are awesome, my dear buddy *hohoho*

  2. hahahahah XD first time ever for the pink shoe =p

  3. Good, u made few changes onto yourselves ;)

    Whatever you do, you'll be looking good on it XD

    Try not to be too pinkish hohoho XD

  4. heheh yeah i agree, little changes will make a big difference XD

    thanks yuz! XD

    hahaha thats not mie.. i am not pinkish-fave lady hahah. i barely have pink stuff XD but hey, i just bought a pink shirt yesterday =p just to put a little colour in the wardrobe hahahha! XD

  5. awh.. yup, hehhehe

    Looking forward to see you in it, hahhaha. It must be nice on you, mimie ;)