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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

< KK out and about >

went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for an office official trip ; Teambuilding Training by AsiaAbility (12 December 2010 until 16 December 2010) it was superfun! the trip and the organising committee really rawks! hehe. it was my first time alone in KK, so yeah, i was home sick  XD. cough and high low body temperature was my 'good' company haha! anyway, with limited shopping (haha) time, i managed to go ronda-ronda KK. oh, thanks to my dear friends Yuz of and Tom of , you guys are superb! XD

some of the snap.. enjoy!

*picture by Nani Saidi*
Day 1 : Sunday Market  - macam tourist banar yow~ XD

 yup that's right

 peppermint something. can't recall.

 white mimi?

 lupa sudah di mana ne ah?

the rivals : Pappa Rich and Old Town White Coffee

black coffee : that keeps mie wide awake until 5am!


 i wonder...

 view from level 6 at Le Meridien Hotel
*oh.. you know what, completely forgotten to give back the key card. oops!*

 the philippine market : stuffy, super packed, lots of stuff you can find here ;)



 manicure and unforgettable memory (-_-)'> haha


*picture by Nani Saidi*
time to leave now *sobs* gonna miss KK for sure.

and the best memory "3 blogger buddies and the KK night" by

The Royal`s fantastic Buddies! 

Yuz & Tom


  1. Glad you had a great times there, and I love the White Mimi mug; so cute! XD

  2. indeed! =D
    haha i agreed. its so cute ;)

  3. Your enjoyment was our pleasure. Glad to have such a good and friendly buddy from Brunei. You are my 1st buddy from there, the others at there are my family from the side of my beloved father ^___^ Next time, me and Tom gonna be in Brunei for the upcoming B2.0 I guess ;p *If FAMA approved for the overdraft hahhaha*

  4. thank you very much for everything!

    hahahha just gimme a buzz if you guys going to be around XD