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Sunday, 16 January 2011

< simply white >

had dinner with my baby boy at Pizza Hut Gadong. just simply to chill out and "grab a seat" after a long day jalan-jalan

baby boy is my little brother XD

i had aglio olio (adeyh.. bekulut lidah nyabut eh =p)

oh just to 'hype up' the title of this post, i was in the washroom when a lass almost lari keluar. i was brushing my hair (i keep a "rapunzel-rapunzel-please-let-down-your-hair" long hair), standing in front of the wall mounted mirror (alone), when she entered. she thought she saw a ghost! sikit lagi inda ia jadi masuk hahahah (and i tweeted it right away). sorry young lady, have no intention to frighten the life out of you =p 

Saturday, 15 January 2011

< birthday >

i still think this video is a very cute one!

so i wanna dedicate this to my friend, Fairuz Jainee, on his sweet 18th birthday (hahaha!!) Happy birthday Yuz, chill out and enjoy your special day~

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

< contemplate >

not much of a posting, but i am not in the right frame of my mind now.


and think.



should or shouldn't i?

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” - Flora Whittemore quotes

“Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” - Keri Russell quotes

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

< limelight's 'ode' >

First of all (waseyh macam kan mbuat karangan saja hahahha) just kidding XD

5th January (associated with 501 =p) yeap. That’s my day of the year. and so was last year (the silver jubilee kali? haha!) I sincerely thanked Royal 4261, Family 538, The Syaza’s, Cousins and Friends for the time and love shared. although i was not feeling well. on my birthday.. you all really made my day.. =)

I was greeted via Facebook, Twitter, SMS-es, phone calls and of course some greeted mie personally XD am both ecstatically happy and bless. Alhamdulilah…

As a token of my appreciation, i specially dedicated this post for you guys.. \m/

okay.. Let the rambles beginnnn~

i received this from my sister Z912. awww~~ so sweet of you.. thank you *weeps*

*cute! and its pink?? hahaha ironic XD but i knew why she gave this *hugs* *

this video is so original to mie, I love and heart it so much.. thanks y'all.

*sister D245's idea*'

and this message, I just don’t know how you may interpret it but whatever it is, don’t simply judge and jump into conclusion.. i could say  you're wrong haha. anyway, my baby boy sent mie this message, macam biasa he always come up with “pacah + panat” ideas hahahah. Love you baby boy! by the way, klas 1 bemutusikal? macam nakan clutch mentuka saja hahaha and kaka inda mencari lai, biar tia kali juduh mencari kaka hahahah! XD

 *baby boy is my little brother and the youngest and the only boy XD*

lets start with the phone calls. so, the first call was made by 1410.. (sorry! Accidentally rejected your call. I was takan-takan checking my phone so inda sengaja te reject hahaha XD)

*oh i have not grabbed any of your photos yet, so default picture ja lah oh? hahaha!*

and he blogged about my birthday too! sure he really is a sweet person heheh. click here for the "Five Zero One" post  and "Royal Crown"

move on to the first SMS was sent by my soul friend  =p

followed by a nocturnal friend of mine who has a different GMT too; Fairuz XD

on the same day, i was crowned as "Teman Terbaikku" of Fairuz hahaha XD nice!!~

and a birthday text from the boss (MZW) =p

i got some on my Twitter too (^_^) awww~~

the bulk of it was found on my Facebook Wall..

super big massive humongous THANKS to everyone of you for the Wall (^_^)

Ash posted the first..

ada urang yang 'marah' pasal kedahuluan hahaha! so sweet ;) sister, cousin.. don't fight okay? hahahaha XD

*nama yang me'like' atu paksa dirasiakan.. secret-mecret tu jlamanya. namanya soang ja kan limpaaa pesbuk hahaha jan maah tangahnya..*

few friends sang mie a birthday song..

*he is a blogger too and owner of*

Nani Saidi! what an awesome birthday wish~

 *Nikon please.. hahaha (^_^)*

Nannie Bonnie.. ane bah.. kiut jua! hahahah XD
video from

a couple of belated birthday wish from my colleagues (^_^)

and i did not see this coming! i guess the bosses and colleagues be komplot! hahaha (^_^) but very much appreciated all .. and  followed by a Doa Selamat =)

thanks ka idot! i knew you're the mastermind behind this =p

that's about it. i got nowt to worry about as my birthday was super exciting when you know you actually have everyone around you.. thank you soooo much!

*** on a different note ***

oh, mother made this Belida fish ball for lunch.. exceedingly-scrumptious-good-yummy fish ball in whole world!  (^_^)v

vain-ing moment =p but hey, its my birthday, everyone should too! haha XD

*washroom di upis hehe*

last but not least.. i got a birthday song by Mr. Counselor (^_^)v

*nice! you rawk baby boy! \m/*


and also, i would like to wish my dear friends or my other twins around the world whom i know are celebrating their own 501's birthday too!

Maqnun Wahab (Brunei)
Calee Tse (Holland)
Riyan Adityo Kusumo (Los Angeles)
Captain (Malaysia)

Happy Birthday friends~~ am glad yours and my path once crossed, i hope our path will cross again and meet you in the journey of life. the 'footprint' stays in the heart (^_^)

and also, to the 6th of January birthday celebrants; the blogger and twitter-er


 Happy Birthday! =)

 * * * * *

p/s : actually this entry should be posted few days ago, but due to unforeseen technical error.. i quit. it was about 80% - 90% done when the Firefox got crashed at that time.. writings, pictures, videos, zilch left (-_-)'> (i just don't understand. ain't it supposed to have an auto-draft save?) 

oh well, i managed to get it done, finally~ (^_^)