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Saturday, 12 March 2011

< for sale - persian kittens >

updated : 31.03.2011
SOLD. none available hehe. on behalf of the owner, thank you to the buyers!

waaaa.. its been a while i have not actually update my blog. blame it on my busy schedule *err.. sounds like a typical reasons oh?* hehehe but seriously, am extremely busy T_T

oh by the way, i've moved to a new work place *part of my busy-ness* its alright so far. but kinda 'culture shock' though haha. will elaborate more next time yah ;) am supposed to post a special entry about it. i missed the family there =/

anyway.. cat lovers, are you looking for persian kittens? a relative of mine is selling them. 

the kittens, they're just adoorraaabbble..   according to them, active inda teranah. payah kan di gambar hehe. they gave mie their pictures.. pick your choice now! its available in a choice of colours and genders. they're persian breed.

sale period : 
12 March 2011 - 31 March 2011
hurry up! inda ampit karang. first come first serve katanya tu.

date of birth : 

Selling Price : 

fluffy female persian
kan sama macam our kittens Zumba but a very good twitter friend of mine adopted him and she really take a very good care of him, she named him as King =D

i can't recall, but the owner said, its a male cute!


adorable blackie female persian

only for a serious buyer yah. please contact 

or you can drop your comments here or chat with mie on twitter

just added another one (19.03.2011). 
was born last year, 03.11.2010. four months of age.

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