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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

< the farewell & love >

quite an overdue post. anyway, its never too late to show how much you appreciate people who have been part of your life =)

it was a surprised farewell, on a very lovely Friday (in February haha! lama banar). when i thought, it was for my boss (or ex boss? naah.. no such thing as an ex boss hehe) because he was leaving for Mekah.

so, i was told to come down to the canteen, and others too.. (ow mann~~ how i miss them all) anyway! so this was what happened.. pictures speak thousands words.. =)

 tadaa!~ them, waiting at the canteen. look at the foods. oh my god! they are so-very-the-generous-super-duper =D

 i think this is nasi goreng corn beef. i cant recall siapa masak. but i think Vivie?

 laaambbb~ the boss brought this. thank you RS!

 G-Noh! our neighbour hihi

 this one pun lamb jua. Indra Kencana a.k.a Kabupaten Sunder mbawa. *the bosses suka menyaya*

 Elix brought this. its yummylicious!~

 superb boss & colleagues

 the bosses! =D

 thank you G-Noh!

 ka sushi. thanks ka susah2 ja mbuat kan T_T
and to MZW, thank you jua for the nasi (in the blue plastic), very much appreciated.

 recently joined (January 5th *wink wink*) legal members. am not sure if i must say sorry for leaving you very soon (masa atu alum tau lagi i got offer) and you need to fill in the big shoes! within a month or so, but am glad you survived and i knew you will =) *she inherits the name " with an 'e' " hehe. the bosses and myself smua nama ends with "ie" (kalau di pronounce)

note : legal unit grew from 1 to 2 to 3 and to 4. i saw people come and go in my 5 years 3 months of service. when the 5th members coming in, i thought the number would last, but i never expected that i was the one who went for the exit door. . .  T_T

 level 9 conquers~! took complete control of the long table hehe



the bestfriend and cousin too!

brief info : i joined DST on the 29 November 2005, right after i graduated from Business School. i've been with Group Legal & Regulatory unit for 5 years 3 months, which ended on the 28 February 2011 (my last day) and in March was my leaves clearance. DST was my first kraja and i have become a paralegal =). i just cant thanked them enough, especially MZW, RS, Legal unit and colleagues. i will never forget you all =). am now working in absolute different environment.

Legal unit is awesome possum and amazing! DST is superb!

my random thoughts : eye candy. grey.

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