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Saturday, 27 August 2011

< good memories >

i just thought of sharing this with you all..

a good friend; chief inspector called earlier for an official work and he wasn't aware that i have moved out. it reminds me of my old job. practically, i was overwhelmed with my reminiscences =) , i would say i missed Legal and MGRL hehe. he's been a very good brother and excellent superior to me.. 

anyway, its good to know that our hard work pays off and people still remember you for the good things, good relationships that you had done and established.

to MGRL, i clearly remember you as a brother and respect you as my superior =) if you're reading this, regards to Ka Hajah Dai and your two naughty-adorable little boys! or ada tambahan sudah? hehehe =p

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

< i lost the love i loved the most >

over a month since our beloved grandmother left. i miss her. everyone miss her.

2011 is quite an achievement for our family, until grandmother passed away..

i felt very fortunate actually, i was with her from day one she was admitted to Miri Hospital, to her last breath.. i was there holding her hand. watching her leaving.. i did not cry. i just couldn't.. 

she left us 5 days before her birthday, when we thought we could celebrate with her. tapi inda ngapa.. sudah ketentuan Allah.. 

24 June 2011 @  09.49 pm, Friday.. Allahuakbar..

and i miss ne bini, ne janggut, ne aman and ne kampung...

to be continued...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

< 518th >

just thought of sharing it with y'all =) hey imma big fan of his songs hehehe
me enamoraste~



Wednesday, 10 August 2011

< besos de amor >

i just youtube-d one of Flex's song and found this. oh by the way, did you notice at 1:46, the "Coffee Romantic Style" hehehe

romantic style in the world~ he is a very sweet person, indeed =) me enamoraste with all of the songs ;)

< DSLR Camera For Sale >

Max is selling his DSLR! good offer. check it out on his blog for details. am pretty sure it'll make you drool! hehe

p/s : i definitely would buy this if i hadn't spent a fortune on my DSLR =X and from my personal thought, the owner is the very the cermat and organise! hehe. see for yourself.. he is the WaitSeminit guy =)

Friday, 5 August 2011

< scrumptious >

hmm.. i feel like wanna do some baking. been surfing for some recipes. whats on the list?

grabbed from

1. of course, the mars bars cheesecake! (i usually buy the cake from bunnypablo (and just recently haha) the cake is just sinful!)

grabbed from

2. the ultimate molten lava cake.. adeyhh.. drooling heheh

should go hunting for the ingredients very very soon! sorry guys! heheh enough on the chocolate kick now, puasa bah hehehe

p/s : lil brother is watching the KL Gangster while i'm in my own world thinking about these cakes! hehe. should i go jalan bali the bahan tonight?