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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

< awestruck >

am loving my day today! =))

it was quite a busy day in the office but its normal hehe. anyway, just a short post for tonight will do? *tomorrow i have to wake up extra early - really am not a morning person - because there'll be a Royal visit at work*

off from work at 5.30 pm (office hour ended at 4.30 pm heehee) busy maa. so, i planned to pay my new found twitter friend @MrBakerBakeshop a visit. beforehand, i had to text my friend @SadieeHadi (also a twitterer) to ask for Mr.Baker's location. *my enormous thanks to you @SadieeHadi!!* knowing myself, i tend to get lost in Brunei. laugh at mie. i seldom go out so basically, i am a stranger to the most popular places in Brunei hehehe!

regardless, i finally found Mr. Baker's Bakeshop. phew~ and a full petrol running low due to keluar masuk simpang jalan ujung kepisuk inda tetulus *exaggeration* hehe

its actually sanang to locate the shop. from Gadong, its the same simpang after the traffic light (left), going to Soon Lee Supermarket. but don't drive too fast, its just on your right (opposite the Basketball court - which in the beginning i also didn't notice =p)

i am impressed with the design and all, the shop is very welcoming, friendly greetings from the staff on my way in. oh! they have amazingly beautiful cake designs! *likes*

it has always been my habit to wander around before i take my pick XD, typical mie =p

i was busy uploading a picture, when i saw a glimpse of Mr. Baker or Eric is his name (which i wasn't really sure if that was actually him though) passed by. i just smiled. i went around the shop. i think Mr. Eric got my twitter notification. we looked at each other (he was standing behind the wall glass divider), paused. surprisingly, it was mutually understood that we knew each other! that was funny =p

we had a good 20 minutes chit chat *referring to Mr. Eric's tweet =))* he's a very nice and friendly owner, indeed. - hat off to you Sir! =)) - so  now, i can attest to my following tweet ..

in relation to my respond to @thanislim 's tweet .. heehee

anyway, i bought my self these two ..

err.. sorry, the pictures weren't that nice haha. i just cant wait to gobble 'em haha. gagas kan makan =p oh, they even got names on it. cool!

this one is a carrot cake, it looks so beautiful that am kinda reluctant to give it a bite hehe. it goes very well with a cup of tea.. delightful! or coffee.

headed to gadong, for my almost late dinner (my dinner time is at 6 or before), at Pizza Hut. alone. =))

Aglio Olio

caramel twister (?)

also take away for the family =)) the usual flavours; Tuna Delight and Honey Garlic Chicken Pizza.

okay i better stop now. practically, its not a short post, somehow, i'm being too long-winded rather hahaha =))

goodnight everyone! *big love*

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