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Monday, 31 October 2011

< scooping out the SCOOPS >

a friend introduced this SCOOPS Frozen Yoghurt last week and i've collected my order last night! =))

i bought mini samplers, that comes with four flavours (was told that the flavours change on monthly basis) so it gives you varieties to choose from, and a tub with original flavour.

anyway, snap some photos last night.

 these are minnnneeee XD

 look! aren't they gojjeess? i mean gorgeous hehe. the minis are so cute! i got the Original, Caramel Banana, Peanut Butter and Lychee, flavours for this month i guess =))
*they're are mine too okay! am not gonna share any haha =p*

725ml tub - Original Flavour

the minis also come with mini spoons hehe! they're so well presented, got that paper thingy on top some more, clearly labelled. hat off to you Lady 308 =))

so far, i have tasted the Original flavour, and this morning i had the Caramel Banana, which i had to unwillingly put it back into the fridge for later, i scooped out half already though! hehehe! =p 

to @thanislim the handsome boy, thanks ya hehehe =))

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