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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

< tea or coffee? >

tweeted this during lunch hour while having my coffee ...

and i got quite interesting feedback from these awesome people!

@SadieeHadi - i seldom drink nescafe, sakit kepala hehe

@onefouronezero - i love chinese tea! japanese green tea jua =))

@KamalAbdullah - i assume its raining at your area? hehe and caffeine junkie much? - *kirai2* @icys 

and @Ang3LB3aR you remind mie of this .. 

i'm myself is a tea person, but every once in a while i drink coffee, *one black coffee please* - siapa ingat tu nah iklan ah? =p hehe have a great lunch everyone and fun Tuesday!! =)) 

note : just realised today is 01.11.11, welcome dear November!! =)) and i am waiting for you love; December *wink* =))

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