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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

< pure sweetness >

i just got back from uni. on my way to the car, i saw this couple walking in front of Mie.

the guy, i saw him holding a school bag and few books with a lady walking beside him. nothing special about that of course.

while heading my way to the car park with that couple in front who was going the same direction, i thought to myself, that was very nice of him, assuming the boyfriend, not just to fetch but personally aga his girlfriend and bawakan her stuff after class .. how nice .. (but they were not holding hands macam couple in that photo pulang) and i was thinking, it would be nicer if a husband could do that.

we reached at a corner, all of sudden, they stopped (my lamunan terhenti? haha) hah! astah didn't realise they're my seniors masa skulah dulu hehe. we had a brief chit chat, rupanya apa nah, they're in fact a husband and wife! aww... =)

i just have some random thoughts that i think, it'll only look much sweeter for a husband and wife relation, than any other relationships (if you know what i'm talking about). i don't know, maybe i have seen some of that boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, to some extent, i find it less interesting sudah kan di bicarakan. what i meant, urang karang ane inda tia lagi kan behawar-begalat doing things that are not legally allowed yet, tapi sudah kawin, hmmmh.. hampeh. haha. no offence youngsters, or urang yang sewaktu dengannya. 

hadey .. apo kebende ey i merapu ney. well, its really been a while since the last time i actually sit and write for my blog hehe. all these while, i guess i am enjoying myself posting 'stuff' through my mobypicture hehe. quite convenience though .. thus, the bulk of the posts. so am taking this opportunity to do the real blogging ethics (haha!) and a good start for the month of May's posts.

have a good sleep y'all, cheers! =))

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