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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

< chaotic Monday Morning >

"i'm late!"

I woke up at 7.20am. I got myself ready and about to leave home when my sister asked mie "ka, where is the key?"

Punyalah paning mencari my key and another spare key almost nowhere to be found, which finally my sister found it.

Just like the other normal day, i was driving to work, i was about to enter the junction heading to Jalan Edinburg when i started to realise a white car on the right side was moving on the same pace.

He was waving at me and trying to give some sign language, i pull out my car shades (hehe if i must tell, i have them on all four windows, discreet sikit. Low profile haha! No lah, pasal panas bah *in denial*)

Sekali apanah, he was trying to inform that my car key hanging arah trunk kerita! Biar baanaarr.. Patut tah di cari di rumah nada. last night my baby brother ambil barang in my car and lupa cabut the key, so the key been nicely hanging in there overnight until that very nice guy spotted it. Hadoi... Nasib saja inda kana bawa lari!

Anyway, to whoever that guy was, thank you so much. I owe you one hehe kalau inda antah sampai bila kah kunci atu di sana. Just too bad i was not able to see his car's license plate, otherwise i would've at least put a hint in this post. I just knew he was driving a sport full mods white car, Mazda 2? Honda Jazz? Or some other car. If he happens to read this post, BIG thanks to you! =))

Took this picture right after i parked my car at work. Came to think about this incident, it gave mie a chuckle, buleh kah driving tapi kunci di belakang pacak2? haha!

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