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Monday, 16 July 2012

< insomnia-ly cranky >

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I.. have.. been.. awake.. since.. yesterday.. morning.. not.. that.. I.. could.. not.. sleep.. but.. I.. just.. need.. to.. finish.. up.. the four(!) assignments. yes four..

well, I thought I have became a zombie haha. anyway, just made myself a good breakfast and now sipping a cuppa. For a short break, I just thought of blogging, a brief one hehe.

today is an off-day work, as a replacement for the public holiday which fell on Sunday (His Majesty's 66th Birthday, 15 July 2012), yesterday. yet, I could not really enjoy my long weekends. juggling with this and that uni's assignments. AND can you believe that we will be having a replacement class today? at 9 am some more.. *loud sigh* oh well.. I hope I will not look like a zombie for lecture later haha!

that's not a big deal, I got to make myself all ready  for this 2-year-of-no-life-mutual agreement. all in all, I have another 20 months to kill.

okay got to go now, its 15 past 7 am in the morning, and I have not seen my bed yet T_T, off to lecture soon.

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