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Friday, 20 December 2013

blessed Friday

Assalamu'alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarrakatuh

where did the time go? 

its Friday sudah and tomorrow is saturday, basically time flies.. very fast.. nowadays.. i know. hehe

photos of my busy wednesday. but it was a fun experience too though hehe. clockwise; my lunch di office, i seldom go out but kalau my parents bawa lunch out - damit tapak tangan, brunei darussalam aye tadah kan hehe, photo of baby sister and cousin mengisi masa teluang while waiting for us berurusan and the last two photos, salmon galore at the excapade sushi restaurant di gadong. i love salmon! and it was our dinner hehe.

and photos of my thursday. clockwise; my fave lunch and cheat day (in which i have blogged about it in previous post), next is my usual thursday afternoon class mengaji with ustaz haji abdullah lakim. next, i went to kiulap to run some errands and collect my fred perry bag and last pit stop antar baju. so thats my fashion designer hehe. i did not ask his name plang, tapi we panggil him abang perang  masa dulu-dulu, and now since ia sudah jadi my fashion designer, so i named him Rizalman perang. actually mama yang menggalar him rizalman hehe jangan inda hairan, my mother lagi updated than mie! and the last photo, i wanted to stay up sampai aher, i made a cuppa. but i think mata was kinda tebiasa sudah macam kan awal tidur.. so i gave up, finished my tea and went to sleep. it was about 1 or 2 am. 

look at how beautiful Allah has made or plan for my days, bukan kah Allah maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang.. Alhamdulilah.. in life, we can make a change, semua nya is an option. pilihan ditangan sendiri, you choose either positive or negative, happiness or sadness, and etc. and then semuanya serah pada Allah. he knows whats the best. see things or life not just from one perspective, i personally believe, we need to be calm, maintain positivity, look on the bright side of a life, sebab kalau our mind clouded by negative force and bad feelings, how can you think straight? especially ladies, yang emosi nya kadang mengalahkan other factors hehe maybe. i have read somewhere or its just my hantam-suka-hati saying (or actually there is?) malas kan google hehe) Wanita labih kepada emosi and lelaki labih kepada akal. so kalau we ladies, alhamdulilah, di kurniakan with emotional factors labih dari laki-laki and i believe kalau we can control emosi, bukan kah kita akan buleh mencapai kewarasan akal as how men does? Allah is the greatest, he made us perfectly. cuma kita harus bersangka baik with Allah.

and that reminds mie of my light chit chat with my friend. i just read back what i have texted my friend, antah apa kah yang i blurted out atu, but i do know it is all based on what i honestly think and what i personally believe nothing more nothing less hehe (i can be quite 'talkative' at times. but very pendiam at work haha!)

found this image somewhere online, "don't use the sharpness of your tongue on the mother who taught you to speak", renungan bersama.

maybe i am so much into a family kind of person. i seldom hang out with friends, only kalau revision or discusion pasal exams atau assignments, other than that, i just simply love to drag parents and siblings for lots of hangouts and late night out. 

p/s : life is too short to frown. smile! 

Thursday, 19 December 2013

cheat day!

Assalamu'alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarrakatuh

a week eating no rice, and it worked! haha i mean it worked as in inda jua mengunjar nasi. not that i am on diet or something, because to go diet just never happened haha. so i have been eating well. and today, supposedly nada plan kan makan nasi, tapi when i looked at my super duper favourite 'nasi pusu' bebungkus dalam plastik... ya Allah.. tempting! hehe

tadaa!~ hehe this is the nasi pusu yang i seriously in love with since dari damit! dari damit as in masa skulah ugama duluuuuuu.. way back then. kalau dulu ada maca-macam lagi nene or mache kantin jual. ada meehoon, kue tiau, mee taitong, nasi pusu and etc tapi still belipat dalam plastik as shown in the photo. aww such a good old days!~ activity skulah we got to play with kawan-kawan, main carah tapuk, main lari-lari arah tiang antah mana saja tia tiang nya and siapa missed ia have to cari mangsa to replace. i think similar macam musical chair concept or maybe not, main simban, and ah!~ paling siuk, main gatah. or kalau nada tali skipping, tapi inda as siuk as pakai gatah bejalin.

okay i guess i have lari from the topic asal. anyway, before i blurt out things antah macam-macam, i better make a move now. break time is over.

my breakfast view. in photo banana kiwi smoothie, wholemeal bread with eggs (mixed with herbs, cayenne, olive oil and salt pepper) and nasi pusu!

p/s : we are so busy growing up, often we forget our parents is growing old too.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

an early bird!

how impressive! i woke up early today, at 4 am. just about a good time i guess, where you can perform your solat sunat tahajjud, subuh, witir and all. anyway, i fell asleep awal di malam hehe. it was a good sleep probably because i had a sleepless night yesterday.

so dengan segala rajin dan semangatnya, i made breakfast, membasuh pinggan (haha! rajin bekala). oh i made banana na na na~ smoothie, for my mid morning crunch, sauteed carrot, shitake mushroom and broccoli. yum!

things to ponder, happiness in life is an option that you get to choose freely. why frown when Allah gives you a smile to make your day? and could be other people's day too. bak kata Mr. Anwar Fazal, read between the lines. (intentionally i did not put his Dr. title, not to disrespect him in any way. personally, calling him a doctor is too mainstream, everyone call him by that, so just let me alone panggil dia Mr., i deeply apologise but i meant well though, very well. hehe how about that?)

Monday, 16 December 2013

Monday; back to back


hi again! pretty much am back haha. because subuh tadi inda dapat tidur, so i did some blog walking. or blog reading rather, i.e. mariaelena's. so kinda inspired or it has triggered the urge to pop up here. this is the world's big problem i guess, semua yang started blogging will have their own hiatus moment hehe. 

myself? i have been around though, if you have read on my last entry. mungkin my 'perfection' baru kan post, all the alignment, fonts, photos, that too has made mie kinda malas kan post or update, plus i'm currently active on Instagram bah. *big grin* but now, i guess.. mm.. something different. maybe haha insha Allah...

just a short one today, my last post was on Monday, and i am here on the same day! yay. thus the title 😜

whats for breakfast? 

by the way, i'm posting up through blogger apps on my iPad. so lets hope, this is the new beginning of.... supaya rajin! hehe well, actually i have it installed quite a while, cuma... you know lah.. malas! hehe