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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

an early bird!

how impressive! i woke up early today, at 4 am. just about a good time i guess, where you can perform your solat sunat tahajjud, subuh, witir and all. anyway, i fell asleep awal di malam hehe. it was a good sleep probably because i had a sleepless night yesterday.

so dengan segala rajin dan semangatnya, i made breakfast, membasuh pinggan (haha! rajin bekala). oh i made banana na na na~ smoothie, for my mid morning crunch, sauteed carrot, shitake mushroom and broccoli. yum!

things to ponder, happiness in life is an option that you get to choose freely. why frown when Allah gives you a smile to make your day? and could be other people's day too. bak kata Mr. Anwar Fazal, read between the lines. (intentionally i did not put his Dr. title, not to disrespect him in any way. personally, calling him a doctor is too mainstream, everyone call him by that, so just let me alone panggil dia Mr., i deeply apologise but i meant well though, very well. hehe how about that?)

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