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Thursday, 19 December 2013

cheat day!

Assalamu'alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarrakatuh

a week eating no rice, and it worked! haha i mean it worked as in inda jua mengunjar nasi. not that i am on diet or something, because to go diet just never happened haha. so i have been eating well. and today, supposedly nada plan kan makan nasi, tapi when i looked at my super duper favourite 'nasi pusu' bebungkus dalam plastik... ya Allah.. tempting! hehe

tadaa!~ hehe this is the nasi pusu yang i seriously in love with since dari damit! dari damit as in masa skulah ugama duluuuuuu.. way back then. kalau dulu ada maca-macam lagi nene or mache kantin jual. ada meehoon, kue tiau, mee taitong, nasi pusu and etc tapi still belipat dalam plastik as shown in the photo. aww such a good old days!~ activity skulah we got to play with kawan-kawan, main carah tapuk, main lari-lari arah tiang antah mana saja tia tiang nya and siapa missed ia have to cari mangsa to replace. i think similar macam musical chair concept or maybe not, main simban, and ah!~ paling siuk, main gatah. or kalau nada tali skipping, tapi inda as siuk as pakai gatah bejalin.

okay i guess i have lari from the topic asal. anyway, before i blurt out things antah macam-macam, i better make a move now. break time is over.

my breakfast view. in photo banana kiwi smoothie, wholemeal bread with eggs (mixed with herbs, cayenne, olive oil and salt pepper) and nasi pusu!

p/s : we are so busy growing up, often we forget our parents is growing old too.

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