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Sunday, 14 September 2014

review novel DIAgnosis

 Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

finally, i got my copy yesterday (12.09.2014). thank you white coat enterprise for the speedy transaction. knowing myself all too well (the urge to explore and curiousity kills the cat they say hehe) so i have finished reading the novel last night. some would think this is just an ordinary novel. tapi to me its more than that. i personally think. 

i would say  :

1. novel yang ringkas tapi padat with 'RBTL' (= read between the lines), not too heavy untuk pembaca on the go.

2. Dr. Anwar Fazal, Dr. Aizzat and Dr. Azah, 3 penulis dalam DIAgnosis and each of them membawa penceritaan yang berbeza. basically its a mix of short stories (tapi 'penghuraian monolog minda' yang mendalam) and penceritaan sebuah kehidupan yang sangat menginsafkan *weeps* and its also telling us, maha luas ilmu Allah. SubhanAllah..

3. one would ask, kalau this book hanya untuk para individu yang mengambil jurusan medic. i would say yes and not necessarily. why? yes, because obviously this book is written by the Doctors. but once you have a read on their stories you would agree with me. that it is not necessarily for them medic. in brief, DIAGnosis gives you the insight of the doctors' life but on the other side, its all about us. tiada yang terkecuali.

first few pages by Dr. Anwar Fazal

thoughts :

- 'biar apa pun kerjaya, tidak kira apa, jika halal sumbernya dan Al-Quran 'jiwa'nya, inshaaAllah itulah kerjaya yang terbaik untuk kita.Kerjaya yang mampu dijadikan landasan ke syurga'
- apa pun tahap dan kondisi, keadaan kita, solat jangan pernah tinggal. you would come across this on penceritaan Dr. Azah dalam DIAgnosis.
- i can safely assume based on the stories by Dr. Aizzat that life is short. make it good and never forget to learn to appreciate people, things, moments and the list goes on.

their write up are indeed mesmerising (only if you can dive in deep into the sea of their thoughts). being a half Malaysian, i am really proud for their achievement and as a Bruneian it is indeed such an inspiration. insha Allah, semoga Allah memberkati usaha mereka.

Kudos to all!
from Brunei Darussalam with love.

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