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Friday, 20 March 2015

Last 2 Friday


Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarrakatuh

this entry should be posted up last two weeks (13th March 2015). but the time was not possible.

anyway, i basically do not cook but too often "iski" mencuba. Most of the time trying to be creative walaupun hentam kromo saja.

I bought these canned foods months back. Something we have never tried before (terngiang kata-kata ummi "bahapa membali anu yang nda ba paidah-paidah ane") *giggles* Well thats me, i always go for something ganjil, suka kepada yang bukan kebiasaan dan yang inda pernah di cuba.

Apparently the "squid kare kare" aneh rasanya. I read the ingredients ada campur with peanut butter and etc. It tasted just funny. Definitely that would be the last.

Photo on the right, kurma ayam. I don't eat kurma ayam except the one yang ummi masak. But my baby boy gave a thumbs up *grins*

Cucur udang. I have made this before, but sebab tais liur. Decided to make one. sibuk jua kan bali bahan. Luckily my baby sister went out that morning and jadi mangsa to do some groceries! Love you mucho baby sister. Thank you for the big help. has the answer for the recipes. But knowing myself all to well. Semua i just ikut antam suka. Hehehe. I usually modified.

Taadaa! My version of cucur udang hehehe!

Later that night.. after an afternoon nap. Sambung masak tom yum. I have the ingredients in the photos collaged above. But disebabkan kehabisan bahan. I mean seafood. I use chicken instead. 

The family love the tom yum, alhamdulillah.. positive feedback. Tapi better still kalau seafood.

as i said, i cannot cook properly but suka main dumped everything and ikut rasa hati. *giggles*

P/s : AFC has always been my favourite channel.

Jazaakumullahu Khairan!

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